Once upon a time, there was a koala bear named Steve. Steve lived all alone in the Australian outback. One day Steve happened upon some travelers who were backpacking through the outback. "Good day mates!" Steve yelled at the strangers as he wiped the sweat from his brow. Steve had just gotten done digging a well when the travelers stumbled upon his home. "We have a great hunger and thirst within us, please allow us to partake in the consumption of nourishment with you." the strangers pleaded, their lips bleeding and covered in the dry red rock dust of the land. "Sure thing you two." Steve replied with a warm smile. As the two travelers cleaned themselves up and sat down to dinner with Steve, they began talking. Steve listened intently as the travelers told of marvelous lands filled with riches as far as the eye could see. They spoke of lands where water sprang from the ground like a waterfall from heaven. Steve was amazed by all the things the two have done and witnessed. Steve told his history to the travelers. He told of his boxing career, his son who became a big shot banker in New York City, his dearly beloved Elise, whom God had taken some many years ago. Steve is an older koala now, and a small tear comes to his eye as he looks into the fireplace, reminiscing of old times and stuffing a pad of eucalyptus leaves into his pipe. Steve looks out his window and watches as the sun slowly sinks over the horizon, leaving behind wondrous hues of reds, oranges, and pinks. The cool night air settles in as the travelers and Steve wish each other goodnight and bed down for a much needed slumber. The house lay quiet with only the sounds of a summer breeze flowing through the open windows. As Steve lay in bed, he quietly drifted off to sleep. Just as he was in a deep sleep, BAM! one of the travelers punched him in his cute little face! Steve fought back and killed both travelers, burying them in a shallow grave. The moral of the story? Neverpunch a talking koala.

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